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*SPECIAL EDITION* Journey To My Daughter Newsletter #6

The day has come!

Today is the day that has been in process for over twenty years!

Twenty years ago I lived through the events that I wrote about in Journey to My Daughter. Those events were harrowing, frightening, confusing and traumatic to live through. They were also empowering, exciting and in the end, one of the best experiences in my life.

About six years later, I had adopted not only my daughter, but a son as well, and also gave birth to a biological son. I remembered the events leading to the unification with my daughter vividly at that time and somehow felt I needed to write them down so I could share them with her some day. I didn’t want to forget everything that happened before I could tell her how important it was for me to find her.

Not long after I wrote down the story, I was working in the field of adoption myself. I was first a birthmother counselor and later an adoption consultant helping families to adopt. The process of adoption, particularly within this country, can be frustrating, sad, and extremely lonely. I often shared versions of my own story with clients. Almost always, clients reported hearing my story as healing, inspiring, and creating the hope within them they needed. Several encouraged me to share the story publicly at that time, but the time was not right. I had three very young children, and the story was still too emotional for me to easily revisit.

In 2020, the year none of us will likely forget, the universe spoke to me again, as it did during my adoption journey. This time I listened. I was clearly shown through comments from others and “random” events the time was right for this story to be shared.

About eight months ago, I was a bit lacking in purpose and also very aware of all of the suffering going on in the world. I wanted to do my part to help and also to heal my own soul (in a way similar to the transformation when I decided to have a child.) I pulled this old story off of the computer (with the help of my husband Marc recovering some chapters from an old hard drive, and not without the loss of several others which needed to be re-created). Then I set about the task or transforming the story for my daughter into a form that is both readable and presented in a way I am proud of.

Today I need your help in bringing this story to the public. By supporting my campaign, you are making it possible to have this story published and allowing it to reach the readers who will hopefully draw strength from it.

While I hope you are able to support me by becoming one of my beta readers, I would also so much appreciate your help in getting the word out about this opportunity. Please share the link to my campaign yourself, and please also “heart” and share my posts on social media. Most of my friends only see a small fraction of the posts I make, so I need your help. The more interaction I get on these posts the more visible they will become and the more people I can reach.

I can’t express enough the gratitude I feel for you and the support of all kinds I have received this year for this project. Please help me bring this long-awaited dream to reality!

Jennifer Rose Asher


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