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Journey To My Daughter Newsletter #7

Good morning!!

What a whirlwind week I’ve had! My presale campaign went live on Thursday. With the help of many of you, I am now 2/3 of the way to my base goal. Thank you so much!! I hope the rest of you will also join my community of beta-readers by pre-ordering the book. You can do this by going to the campaign at.

I also want to explain about how the campaign works for anyone who has missed my post on this. My book is written and edited to a point where the publisher, New Degree Press, has approved it for continuing to clean it up for publication and given me a contract. Per my contract, however, I am required to raise a minimum of $5000 to cover the costs associated with continuing the process-copy editing, layout, cover artist, and printing. By raising this money myself (rather than with a traditional publisher), it allows me to retain total control of the book and to own my own copyright. This means that once the book is published, I get the proceeds from sales (less Amazon’s cut, of course) and I have the ability to do what I want with the book. If I want to re-publish in a different format, or make it into a movie, or change the cover, or whatever, that is totally under my control.

So, by pre-ordering the book, you are supporting me to getting to my goal of publishing (and past that point to making my audiobook, which I really want to do as an avid listener). NDP has helped over 1000 authors through this process and through their research, they have set the fixed price of $39. However, they have also arranged and allowed us to offer so much for this investment in ME. When you pre-order, you do get a copy of the paperback which I will personally sign and send to you. You also get a backstage pass to the book. You can read sample chapters, help me pick the cover, etc. You get a ticket to my launch party when I publish at the end of the year. You also actually get your name listed in the book! So cool!! The book will not cost $39 when it is published and available on Amazon, but you will also not be a part of the process. There is also an option to pre-order the digital version of the book for just $15.

So, in other news, I was interviewed for an awesome podcast called Womb Wisdom, which is being released today. I had a great conversation with Holly Leever who was warm, friendly, and so smart! You can watch on Apple at or on Spotify at

Unfortunately, last week, when I posted the launch of my campaign on Facebook, I included the link to Indiegogo and it flagged something on Facebook. They are now not putting any of my posts on people’s feed. I don’t know how long this will last but it is extremely frustrating! The silver lining is that I have been reaching out to a lot of friends, both new and old, to be sure they know the presale is live. I have loved connecting with so many people! If you actually saw the news either here or on Facebook, I’m sorry for being repetitive. My goal is not to spam everyone, I just don’t want hundreds of my friends to miss out on being able to join my community and I have no way to know who has been able to see my messages. Please have patience with me! This is a daunting task to reach everyone and a lot of $39 sales to get to $5000. I am not trying to get rich. These are my costs to get this story into the world. If I surpass this goal, I have already reached out to a charitable organization to donate some of the excess proceeds.

I truly appreciate every single person who is helping support me in getting this story out in the world. Please share the info about my campaign with everyone you know who may be interested in joining us!

Jennifer Rose Asher

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