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Check out the latest articles and podcasts about my book:


Crossroads Podcast Show (UK)
(from July 2, 2021)

Thoth The Scribe Podcast (Israel)
(from July 19, 2021)


Womb Wisdom with Holly Leever (Spotify link)
Womb Wisdom with Holly Leever (Apple Podcast link)
(from July 28, 2021)


Surviving Trauma: Stories of Hope (Spotify link)
Surviving Trauma: Stories of Hope (Apple Podcast link)
Surviving Trauma: Stories of Hope (Google Podcast link)
(from September 8, 2021)

Foster Care Nation

(from October 26, 2021)

Taking the Helm with Lynn McLaughlin

(from November 24, 2021)

Pen To Paper Press Podcast
(from December 2021)

The Bubbling Adventure Podcast

(from March 31, 2022)

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The Travel Log 

Finding the Path

Who SHould Steer the Boat

The Road Less Traveled

The Conventional Route

The Journey Behind the Journey

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