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Journey To My Daughter Newsletter #5

Tomorrow my 30 day pre-order campaign will begin which means you will officially be able to support me by joining my community! I have announced that I will launch the campaign at 4 pm. However, because you have supported me already, I want you to be the first to have access. SO, as soon as I get the campaign up and running tomorrow, I will send out a special edition of this newsletter with the indegogo link just for you.

What does this all mean? My pre-sale campaign is how I will actually fund the costs (including editing, layout, printing, cover artist, video producer, etc.) of getting my book to publication. By supporting me in this way, you are insuring I will be able to bring my story to the public.

However, by purchasing one of the “perks” you have the unique opportunity to truly be a part of this journey in a very special way.

  1. You actually become one of my beta readers-you will have early access to select chapters of the book and can give me your input and suggestions on the content of those chapters.

  2. You will help me choose the cover art and author photo for my book.

  3. You will have a copy of the paperback signed by me automatically shipped to you after publication at the end of this year

  4. Your name will be listed in the acknowledgements section of my book (so cool-your name will be listed in a book!)

  5. If you take advantage of the early access and join before Sunday, you will receive with your book a pendant of the adoption symbol I have chosen to accompany the story which can be added to a necklace, keychain or charm bracelet.

  6. Some perks include additional personal experiences like a chance to have me join your local or virtual book group, speak at your business or school, a virtual call with me and my horses, and I will later be adding the chance to get an exclusive lesson with me or Hilary. If there is a personal experience you are interested in having me offer, please send me a message at and I will work with you on adding a special secret perk just for you!

But TODAY, I will be releasing the video trailer on social media later this afternoon. Again, I want to thank you for your support by being sure you are among the first to be able to see this trailer. I have woken up early this morning to send you the link because I am so excited to share my trailer with you. It is a very personal project, just as the book itself is, and I’m sure you will agree that it shares a piece of my heart with the viewer.

See you tomorrow!

Jennifer Rose Asher


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