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Journey To My Daughter Update

Hi, y’all! I’m actually writing my second newsletter. If you did not get the first one, you can find it on my website,, under the “blog” tab.

It’s been a really exciting week for me. This process is moving along quickly. I pulled together my book trailer and have gotten the first, raw version back from my producer. It needs some corrections before it is ready for public viewing, but I’ve taped (super low-tech from my computer) the first few seconds just for you. I want you to be the first to get a “sneak peek”!

I also recorded my very first podcast interview this week on Monday. It was really a lot of fun. I was interviewed by a wonderful woman named Marlene McConnell who lives in South Africa. Her podcast is called My Centered Life and focusses on trauma and perseverance. You can find it at My episode will air on September 8, and I will definitely remind you here as that date approaches.

I am doing my second podcast this Friday, July 2 LIVE (!) at 3 PM CST. You can watch by liking the page and then tune in on Friday. This is all new to me, so don’t expect too much, but hopefully you can learn a bit more about the book.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey with me. I am learning a lot about the process, and about myself and my own abilities. Next week I hope to deal with my website. It is still pretty much an empty shell but I’m working on tackling my fear of all things computer and technology to get it to look more how I envision it.

Jennifer Rose Asher


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