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Journey To My Daughter Newsletter #4

We are one week away! I can’t believe it. My campaign will officially launch one week from today, July 22, specifically at 4 PM CST.

I met my marketing and revisions editor today so I learned some more details about the benefits of joining my community through this campaign.

For $39 you will join my beta reader community. This will include the following perks:

  • Join My Beta Reader Community

  • Read My Introduction Early

  • Help Me Select My Cover

  • Acknowledgements Recognition-your name will actually be listed in the book!

  • Signed Paperback Edition (1)

  • Invitation to My Launch Party

  • Help me select my author photo

  • PLUS I am including an additional gift that I have hand-selected for readers who join during my launch weekend July 22-25!

There will be additional levels of support available as well, which may include my personal author appearance at your book group and other special personal perks.

This campaign is how I fulfill my obligation to my publisher and cover the costs involved in getting the book published. However, it also my opportunity to include all of you in my journey. You have the unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of getting a book published, and truly participate in the process.

You can also help support me by following me on social media and on my author page on Facebook. If you would also please share posts about my campaign and details about my book with any of your friends and connections who would be interested in my story, that would be a huge help to me! My greatest goal here is to share this amazing story and hopefully inspire as many people as possible. I really need your help to spread the word!

Thank you for your interest and encouragement. You have kept me going through all the work involved in this process. I will continue to keep you informed with all the details and exciting developments as they happen.

ennifer Rose Asher


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